Hundreds of Keywords Revealed Used by the Gov’t to Monitor YOU!

Through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit the government was forced to reveal the hundreds of keywords used to monitor social networking and online media. Safe to say every single American who is actively engaged in discussion of government, politics and/ or foreign policy has had “eyes” on them at one point or another. Some of the words frankly are unavoidable!

The keywords listed below are from The Department of Homeland (DHS) Security’s 2011 ‘Analyst’s Desktop Binder‘ used by the National Operations Center (NOC). The NOC, DHS titles and acronyms are part of numerous keywords featured, but it gets worse! Mexico, Border, Drug Cartels, Emergency, Storm, and many other words used in daily discussion are included. So you can see now why it’s so easy to say we all at one point or another are being watched.

I have yet to hear anyone on the side of the people and Constitution in DC coming forward speaking out on this. Not a peep from those who invoke the Constitution in almost every other sentence of their rhetoric has spoken out. Where are all those crusaders and champions of the Constitution and freedom?

I think its safe to assume those “targeted” are probably supplying the data that will be stored in the NSA facility the size of five US Capitols in Utah. Don’t forget the FBI wants to wire-tap internet sites amending the existing CALEA law passed in 1994.

Big Brother is watching, welcome to tyranny in America!

Just think how many times this post got flagged! Here are screen shots of the NOC’s keywords list used to lookout for threats, this is all of course for your protection….