Mark Levin Slams Obama: “I’m Ashamed Of This President. He’s A Disgrace”

“..I’m ashamed of this President, I think he’s a disgrace. I’m ashamed of this Attorney General, I think he’s a disgrace. They have no respect for you. I don’t care what your color is. They have no respect for this country. None…”

Mark Levin offers the sentiment of many of us. We are tired of the current news cycle because there are bigger issues at play.

The Great one opened his monologue talking about President Reagan, how he praised the greatness, magnificence of America, where as the emperor is the complete opposite. “A man who is endless ripping at the fabric of America”. Levin comments that Obama knows about our greatness yet goes the other way lowering himself to the gutter with Sharpton, talking about an America that doesn’t exist. Hitting the head on the nail the Great One says his majesty is not honored to be POTUS, instead he is manipulative, resentful, condescending and contemptuous towards this country and the people.

We have come very far but you wouldn’t know that from the race hustling industry. Levin went on to cite why facts like the number of black Americans on food stamps, unemployed will not be covered by the MSM. They will talk about things that won’t matter to a single person out of job, trying to save their business etc.

Levin closed his opening monologue by thundering away that this division is a rallying cry for gun control. He then list Obama’s successes saying that instead of embracing them and using the pulpit to encourage people who chooses to be like Sharpton.