Rev Jesse Lee Peterson to Piers Morgan: Trayvon Was ‘Thug,’ Not ‘Innocent Little Kid’

Bless Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson for telling the truth and revealing the real motive behind current racial tensions stoked by Obama and race hustling poverty pimps AL Sharpton and Jess Jackson! Their goal is not about justice for Trayvon but to push gun control through racial divide. Obama’s words today only strengthen that argument.

Disagree? Why are the radicals talking about gun violence but directing it towards laws like Stand Your Ground? Why is there no mention of the 61 killed during the Zimmerman trial in Chicago alone? Don’t any of these people matter?

Pompous Morgan didn’t like hearing any of this nor the comment that Martin was a thug, “Trayvon Martin was a thug. His parents know that, you know that, I know that.” Maybe that is a stretch but the evidence shows at the least there was intent on the 17yr olds part. There is evidence he emulated the thug life via his tweets, he bragged about fights, there are some photos on his phone that were recovered of gun, we never got answers about jewelry found in his book bag, pot use etc all I’m sure a FBI profiler could use to say definite tendencies exist.

Regardless whether Martin was or not or if he had been white ask yourself this question: Would anyone be talking about gun control and Stand Your Ground laws had it been a white, hispanic or asian killed by a white asian or hispanic?!!