Hannity Blasts NAACP Director Hilary Shelton: Name One Person Killed In Chicago During Zimmerman Trial?!

Fireworks continue to fly from the racist industry, and this interview like others has the hints of another anti-gun run. Sean Hannity took on the NAACP’s Washington Bureau Director Hilary Shelton over the organization pressuring the DOJ to pursue civil rights case against George Zimmerman. Shelton like most race hustlers had to attack gun laws, asked Hannity to support gun control legislation so it’s clear the left is gearing up for another gun rights fight. During the debate Rachel Jeantel’s testimony and post-trial interviews came up where Shelton denied Jeantel stating that she believed Trayvon Martin threw the first punch. Fortunate for those of us that live in the real world she did! Shelton spent a good amount of time distorting truths alluding to laws that don’t exist, like for a civilian to profile another and claiming information was not shared with the jury that in fact was.

Sean told Shelton “people that disagree with the verdict are being sore losers and now want to make this guy’s life a living hell.” He then challenged Shelton since he cares so much about violence in America committed against blacks to name one victim out of the 61 killed in Chicago during the Zimmerman trial. Shelton of course balked calling the question a “talking point”. Did you hear that Chicago? Those who have fallen in violence in the last 2-3 weeks are nothing but talking points to the NAACP!