Benghazi Scandal: Is Obama Admin Trying To Hide Something? Witnesses Forced Into Silence

Ralph Peters and David Hunt weigh in the recent revelations in the Benghazi scandal. Appearing with Mike Huckabee the panel discussed Rep Wolf’s House speech that witnesses of the Benghazi attack have been silenced after signing non-disclosure agreements. In general those in the military and government have NDA’s because of the access they have to equipment material, operational material etc. But I have never heard of people being asked to sign an NDA following an event like 9/11/12.

There is no doubt the regime has something to hide. In my opinion I believe these witnesses are material witnesses to the events months prior leading up to the attack. Under Senate and House hearings these people would be asked about why they were in Benghazi in the first place. Most of us know through our research and the words coming from the regime and Senators like John McCain we were in fact aiding rebels. The issue is when the aid actually started? I along with many like Rand Paul believe the US was/ is in fact running guns into the middle east and this activity was happening before 9/11, before calls to offer aid and also part of treaty the US has with Russia to not interfere!

If these silenced people were to come forward with this information in a hearing it could create truly impeachable situation. So they sign NDA’s and here we are!