Sen Paul Slams Chris Christie: He Needs to Drop This ‘Gimme Gimme’ Attitude, Weighs in on NSA and Defunding Obamacare

Sen Paul slams Gov Christie for using “the cloak of 9/11 victims” as if he is the only one who cares. Christie is threatened by libertarians because they will expose him for the closet liberal he really is. Christie IS NOT a conservative, he may act like one even talk like one but his actions… his policies to date are not those of a conservative governor. I encourage everyone to read this expose` by Conservative New Jersey on Christie and share it with as many people as possible.

This feud between Christie and Paul is over the NSA program. Paul makes the case that he is “for spying on terrorists not for spying on every American” unlike progressives like Christie who are flippant.

As for Obamacare, he makes the case to defund it addressing how the republicans will deal with a shutdown. HE has made it clear they aren’t looking to shut down government they just want 0care defunded, it’s the “republicans” aka progressives who are saying this move by Paul, Lee and Cruz will shut the government down. So keep that in mind folks it’s the progressives making those charges not the true conservatives. As Paul Lee and Cruz today argue under their plan government will be funded.

One thing I got from this is clear, there is a civil war brewing in the GOP: conservatives/libertarians vs republican/progressives!