Democrat Bill Would Double Taxes on Handguns & Levy 50% Tax on Ammo

I have said it repeatedly the imperial regime would never attempt a frontal assault on the Second Amendment. They would eventually do as reported here push for higher taxes and fees, regulating guns into oblivion.

In their minds yea you can have your guns just won’t be able to shoot them and eventually afford to have them via taxes and fees!

Rep Danny Davis is lying through his teeth claiming that gun violence in the US has reached epidemic levels. Gun violence has dropped esp now that more people are arming themselves. This is more of the same scare tactics, fear mongering and propaganda from the radical left. What the left does is take a number of gun deaths as whole which was composed of all types of shootings and use that undefined stat as fact. We then only find out later the stat is not only criminal related but also police, accidental, self-defense and suicide related gun deaths/ shootings! This is why the radicals lost the last battle over “assault weapons”. They lied to the people in an attempt to get their way where only at the last minute because of blogs, NRA, Second Amendment activists etc did the truth get out.

These gun grabbers seem to have a problem comprehending what “shall not be infringed” means!