Rep Gutiérrez: Women Will Get Raped Unless We Pass Immigration Reform

Why is it a crime for our border to be militarized (which it isn’t)? There are holes in our border big enough to park an aircraft carrier in! Gutiérrez is so over the top, lying, justifying why illegals should be given amnesty. Hey Luis all of this fear mongering you are doing wouldn’t exist in the US if our laws were enforced! The women wouldn’t be raped, the kids wouldn’t be starving or missing a parent, people wouldn’t be dying in the desert or losing a finger etc if the laws on the books were enforced. It’s you and Congresses fault, because you do not enforce the laws on the books. Instead your solution to a problem is another law or in this case amnesty.

I gotta hand it to you, you are good at pushing the BS propaganda to get amnesty through! Now why don’t you tell these people what the impact of 11+ million (30-40 million in the bigger scheme) will have on their lives?

Tell them how this influx of illegals given amnesty will max our the social entitlement system (which was created for those truly in need) and the US’ bankroll! Tell them about how people will be in this country who never paid into the system over a long period of time as they did but will be entitled to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other forms of financial aid! Tell the already struggling middle class where 100 million are out of work that are now fighting for part-time work will have to fight against 11+ million more people for that part-time job!

Go ahead tell them, tell the truth for once!