Mark Levin Makes the Case For “The Liberty Amendments”

The Great One came out of his bunker appearing on Hannity to speak about his new book “The Liberty Amendments”. The basis of Levins book is that the states can propose Constitutional Amendments this is NOT a Constitutional Convention which would put everything in danger.

The framers knew what we are experiencing today with this corrupt government would happen. Levin explains under Article 5 the framers “left us the second amendment process under the Constitution which essentially bypasses Congress, bypasses the federal government and gives the states the power collectively in a convention not a Constitution convention. A convention the Constitution says for proposing amendments to the rest to the states. … Very different because the Constitution is not up for grabs anymore that when Congress two-thirds of both houses recommends amendments to the Constitution. Here the states would be recommending amendments to the Constitution”

The big trick with this is doing something that has never been done but permitted under the Constitution. How we get 2/3 of the states to propose amendments and 3/4 of the states to adopt them is a shot in the dark. We can’t even get that many on board with fighting obamacare. It’s an option though Levin has identified in the Constitution that puts the ball in the people’s court. Aside from STR Tactics being an answer to people’s call for “what more can I do” Levin has answered that call too via Article 5 and his proposed “Liberty Amendments”.

So America what are you prepared to do?!