Mark Levin to Cavuto: Congress is Drunk With Power, Not Going to Fix Itself

The Great One continues to make his case that the only option we the people have left to stop Congress, who is drunk with power, is to invoke the powers given under Article 5 “Second Amendment Process”, which is laid out in his new book “The Liberty Amendments”. It will not be an easy process for states accomplish, as you need 2/3 to propose new amendments and then 3/4 to adopt them.

It was quite refreshing listening to Levin attack the republican establishment. They are all progressives (statists) working for themselves while running this country into the ground.

Levin gave his two cents on Hillary Clinton saying she is Obama in a dress. Said that Chris Christie is a Gerald Ford republican, who hasn’t done much for New Jersey with liberal policies. He reminded Cavuto Christie did not join other states in challenging obamacare, weak on immigration, is pro-green, and pro-gun control.

He warned the nation is in a post-Constitutional period with a government that is changing and going around the Constitution daily, gutting the military, out of control spending and all three branches of government running unchecked.

The country is in dire straits we are just about out of exits on this road we are on. Article 5 maybe one of the last chances we have to stop the corrupt in DC!