MSNBC: Boston Bombers Not Radical Jihadists–They Are Far-Right Wing White Supremacists

Wow talk about reaching! MSLSD will use anything they can find to point the finger of blame at the right. Alex “Jim” Jones is so far right he is off the charts just like progressives on the left. Jones is an extremist, alarmist, profiteer who preys on the conspiracist demographic. What he does is no different from what MSLSD, all the crap media and the regime do to radical leftists and progressive drones!

Alex Wagner wants to play guilt by association fine we can play that game too! I’m sure we can dig up plenty of material from terrorists who frequent and praise leftist sites, MSNBC and even pro-obama related sites. Right off the top of my head I know Occupy praises and has been praised by the left, so you dopes over at MSLSD sure you want to ride this train?