Rush Slams Media Coverage of ‘Bored’ Teen Killers: Trayvon Martin in Reverse, Only Worse

Where is the outrage America? You, yes YOU shared and commented like crazy over that stupid rodeo clown obama mask fiasco but are no where on this cold-blooded murder of Christopher Lane? All we heard for months was Trayvon this and Trayvon that, Zimmerman is guilty, he is innocent all before the trial and some right after the killing. I have been making the rounds on the net and there is barely any talk about this black on white murder! Why? What are you too busy with this time around? Are you waiting for the left to capitalize on it again and be on the defensive? The left doesn’t dictate the news cycle we the people do and we need to raise hell over the lack of coverage and the outright racism behind it because this was a black on white murder. The media doesn’t want to cover this poor guy being shot in the back by a bunch of delinquent thugs! The longer we are silent the sooner the left will control the narrative, hammering away on gun rights again distracting everyone from their blatant act of racism! It has already started btw from several leftists saying we need more gun laws! Do not allow the radicals to make this murder into a gun control issue. This is the only reason why they will report it to advance their anti-gun agenda.