Sec Kerry: Response to Syria About Preventing Future ‘Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction’

So the logic here is we have to take action because if we don’t it will tell the members in the Axis of Evil it’s okay to pursue WMD’s because the USA is all talk and won’t do anything!

The hypocrisy coming out of this regime is infuriating to say the least. I recall hearing similar language prior to the invasion of Iraq and libs condemned going to war. Where are all the anti-war protestors like Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink etc? Oh that’s right this time around it’s ok to start a war because your almighty boy king is calling the shots!

This will not end well and you know who is going to pay the price for Barry Soetoro’s cowboy action? Israel and Saudi Arabia and eventually the American people. The boy king is out of ideas so going to war is his last resort to accelerate fundamental transformation.

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