Ted Nugent Goes Bonkers On ‘Numb-Nuts’ Critics Who ‘Hate Freedom’

Nugent spoke with Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo over the weekend blasting critics at the New Haven Register who called to boycott his concert over what he said about Trayvon Martin being a “dope-smoking, racist gangsta wannabe.”

Isn’t it amazing how the left can say whatever they want claiming First Amendment rights but if anyone on the right does it they are deemed offensive with call to boycott them? Why is it the right is so passive allowing these attacks. Granted Ted will fire back at them but why didn’t he call for a counter boycott against the New Haven Register?

The arguments against boycotts no longer hold water, they are extremely effective and will definitely teach one a lesson! Time to take the gloves off folks and give the left a dose of its own medicine. STOP BEING NICE!