Tingles Throws a Tantrum Says Criticism of Obama Due to Racism

Wanting to impeach obama and repeal obamacare has nothing to do with his race you twit!

Did you really expect anything else from the propaganda arm of the imperial empire? Crying racism in every other segment has worked out so well for them that their ratings are have been tanking into the double digits for months!

It would be nice to see folks on the right start slinging the racial tones right back at the left for once. I’ve said it repeatedly and seem to be the only one saying that the left is completely racist when they speak in praise of obama. How? They call him the first black president, which he is not! If George Zimmerman is now a White-Hispanic, well BO is by their own definition of race a White-Black! That would make him the first mixed race president! This praise of theirs totally dismisses his white half. You know the white mother that gave birth to him and raised him along with her parents who are white unlike the black father who abandoned lil Barry! The left is practicing racism daily against whites and no one but me (yea Im saying it b/c I don’t hear anyone else saying it) is calling it out!

Stop playing their game and start playing your game! Use the lefts own language and hit them hard as the true racists!