Here Are 189 People Who Voted Against Defunding Obamacare

While we wait for this fight to stop obamacare to go to the Senate, under the tyranny of Dingy Reid, here is the list (broken down by state) of traitors to the Republic that WANT obamacare implemented.

HR 50 Cont Res 2014 Vote

Andrews (D, NJ)Barber (D, AZ)Barrow (D, GA)Bass (D, CA)Beatty (D, OH)Becerra (D, CA)Bera (D, CA)Bishop (D, GA)Bishop (D, NY)Blumenauer (D, OR)Bonamici (D, OR)Brady (D, PA)Braley (D, IA)Brown (D, FL)Brownley (D, CA)Bustos (D, IL)Butterfield (D, NC)Capps (D, CA)Capuano (D, MA)Cárdenas (D, CA)Carney (D, DE)Cartwright (D, PA)Castor (D, FL)Castro (D, TX)Chu (D, CA)Cicilline (D, RI)Clarke (D, NY)Clay (D, MO)Clyburn (D, SC)Cohen (D, TN)Connolly (D, VA)Conyers (D, MI)Cooper (D, TN)Costa (D, CA)Courtney (D, CT)Crowley (D, NY)Cuellar (D, TX)Cummings (D, MD)Davis (D, CA)Davis (D, IL)DeFazio (D, OR)DeGette (D, CO)DeLauro (D, CT)DelBene (D, WA)Deutch (D, FL)Dingell (D, MI)Doggett (D, TX)Doyle (D, PA)Duckworth (D, IL) Edwards (D, MD)Ellison (D, MN)Engel (D, NY)Enyart (D, IL)Eshoo (D, CA)Esty (D, CT)Foster (D, IL)Frankel (D, FL)Fudge (D, OH)Gabbard (D, HI)Gallego (D, TX)Garamendi (D, CA)Garcia (D, FL)Grayson (D, FL)Green (D, TX)Green (D, TX)Grijalva (D, AZ)Hahn (D, CA)Hanabusa (D, HI)Hastings (D, FL)Heck (D, WA)Higgins (D, NY)Himes (D, CT)Hinojosa (D, TX)Holt (D, NJ)Honda (D, CA)Horsford (D, NV)Hoyer (D, MD)Huffman (D, CA)Israel (D, NY)Jackson (D, TX)Jeffries (D, NY)Johnson (D, GA)Johnson (D, TX)Kaptur (D, OH)Keating (D, MA)Kelly (D, IL)Kennedy (D, MA)Kildee (D, MI)Kilmer (D, WA)Kind (D, WI)Kirkpatrick (D, AZ)Kuster (D, NH)Langevin (D, RI)Larsen (D, WA)Larson (D, CT)Lee (D, CA)Levin (D, MI)Lewis (D, GA)Lipinski (D, IL)Loebsack (D, IA)Lofgren (D, CA)Lowenthal (D, CA)Lowey (D, NY)Lujan (D, NM)Luján (D, NM)Lynch (D, MA)Maffei (D, NY)Maloney (D, NY)Maloney (D, NY)Matsui (D, CA)McCollum (D, MN)McDermott (D, WA)McGovern (D, MA)McNerney (D, CA)Meeks (D, NY)Meng (D, NY)Michaud (D, ME)Miller (D, CA)Moore (D, WI)Moran (D, VA)Murphy (D, FL)Nadler (D, NY)Napolitano (D, CA)Neal (D, MA)Negrete (D, CA)Nolan (D, MN)O’Rourke (D, TX)Owens (D, NY)Pallone (D, NJ)Pascrell (D, NJ)Pastor (D, AZ)Payne (D, NJ)Pelosi (D, CA)Perlmutter (D, CO)Peters (D, CA)Peters (D, MI)Peterson (D, MN)Pingree (D, ME)Pocan (D, WI)Price (D, NC)Quigley (D, IL)Rahall (D, WV)Rangel (D, NY)Richmond (D, LA)Rigell (R, VA)Roybal-Allard (D, CA)Ruiz (D, CA)Ruppersberger (D, MD)Ryan (D, OH)Sanchez (D, CA)Sánchez (D, CA)Sarbanes (D, MD)Schakowsky (D, IL)Schiff (D, CA)Schneider (D, IL)Schrader (D, OR)Schwartz (D, PA)Scott (D, VA)Scott (D, GA)Serrano (D, NY)Sewell (D, AL)Shea-Porter (D, NH)Sherman (D, CA)Sinema (D, AZ)Sires (D, NJ)Slaughter (D, NY)Smith (D, WA)Speier (D, CA)Swalwell (D, CA)Takano (D, CA)Thompson (D, CA)Tierney (D, MA)Titus (D, NV)Tonko (D, NY)Tsongas (D, MA)Van (D, MD)Vargas (D, CA)Veasey (D, TX)Vela (D, TX)Velázquez (D, NY)Visclosky (D, IN)Walz (D, MN)Wasserman (D, FL)Waters (D, CA)Watt (D, NC)Waxman (D, CA)Welch (D, VT)Wilson (D, FL)Yarmuth (D, KY)

These people are in favor of all the fallout already taking place as a result of the obaminable law that isn’t even fully implemented yet!

Think about that for minute! The unions who helped ram it through are saying it is bad, companies are cutting pay, hours, raising prices, not hiring, cutting production, dumping the current healthcare benefits right now because of obamacare and everything they know about it as of today! And these people voted to keep the train wreck going!

The emperor continues to ramble on about how great this healthcare law is while he tears pages out of it and rewrites it (which according to some is illegal) as we go along. The regime has granted waivers for all its pals, delayed the employer mandate until after the 2014 election. If this law is so great why isn’t Congress required to participate in it? Ask these people about that and the damage it has already done to the country!

You want to know who to go after now you know. And those RINOs that voted today to defund obamacare aren’t off the hook either, we’re coming for you dopes too!