Obama: Congress ‘Trying to Mess With Me’, Actions Are ‘Profoundly Destructive’, ‘We’re Not Some Banana Republic’

The professor of propaganda at his best speaking to the drone army. What the rebels got the rest of the House to go along with today IS in the best interests of the middle class. These workers have NO CLUE because Ford has yet to put the squeeze on their employees like Walgreens, Home Depot, Target, and countless other small and large businesses across the US have had to do because of obamacare. Middle class Americans work at ALL of the businesses making the cuts so he is lying right to these people’s faces!

As for his fear mongering of the US going into default, FYI folks America can’t pay its bills as it is! Why do you think the Fed has continued its policy of Quantitative Easing Aka printing/digitizing money at the tune of $85 BILLION per month! I got to give it to him he slipped it into that speech like it was no big deal that other countries like China are buying out debt!

The propagandist in chief also is making this personal saying the rebels are “trying to mess with me”, well yes they are! Obamacare messes with ALL of us on a personal level so why not? The lies never stop with this guy and he continues to push the lie that republicans want a government shut down. If that were true why did they vote to fund government today while defunding obamacare? Trust me none of these drones understand what will happen in a shut down assuming something catastrophic. We got the sequester his majesty wanted and we are all still here.

The only thing that is destructive in all of this is what his majesty and the progressives in Congress are doing to this nation contrary to what he says making the US in fact a Banana Republic!