Pelosi Blasts Defund Obamacare Resolution as a ‘Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing’

The only reason “this place is a mess” is because of the damage Nanzi Pelozei and the imperial emperor have done to the nation ramming this destructive bill through against the will of the people.

Seems the rebels in the House have rattled the wicked witches cage! How dare Pelozei say they are for small government when this bill she helped pass in the middle of the night behind closed doors is all about big government and the destruction of our healthcare system and economy! The only good thing about the vote today is that it’s making all the cockroaches come out of the shadows now!

You know what? I’m sick of hearing these monsters lie about a government shut down just DO IT already! I want the American people to see once again the results of empty threats! Nanzi, Dingy Reid, obama and company played this game with the sequester and looky we’re all still here the country is still chugging along!

Oh and Nanzi you don’t know the trouble that is coming for all you progressives!