Cavuto RIPS Obama on Obamacare: Fox Can Do Math and You Can’t!

This was a great opening monologue by Neil Cavuto, citing all the wrongs and deception the imperial emperor has pushed from the start to today during his propaganda speech in Maryland. Obama lied about everything from the costs, to keeping your doctor and of course the existence of a death panel.

For those still in doubt about the death panel why don’t you read the section in obamacare about Independent Payment Advisory Board. It’s right there in black and white it’s not a myth it’s real. This clown occupying the oval office lied through his teeth today and planted the seeds of blame on republicans and the TEA party for when it tanks. This thing by design will tank and pull the economy down so the progressives can rush in with a solution, single payer, that has been the end goal from day one. Obama is like Tom Hanks character from the movie “Big”. Obama is pitching a $20 dollar comic book no kid can afford! That comic book is obamacare and we the kids (people) cannot afford the spike in costs. It makes no sense where anyone who ran a lemonade stand could understand the basic math and economics behind it.