Obama Slams Republicans, TEA Party Trying to ‘Blackmail’ US President Over ObamaCare

The master of propaganda doing what he does best lying to the drone army! When he wants to get his way his majesty always goes to campaign style speeches to push his propaganda. Ohh take note at the amount of stuttering he is doing as he speaks off prompter, which is a clear indicator he is lying! The emperor left out how he and the regime will not be on obamacare! Do you think they should know about that? Don’t you think that is something of importance for people to know? Obamacare is so wonderful all the people that rammed it down our throats won’t be on it! These drones cheering and going along have no clue the hell coming down the road.

Ahhh it’s time like these you look forward to the death panels, high medical costs and the economic collapse because these dopes will fall victim to them like everyone else…except the ruling elite!