Judge Napolitano: Fed Stimulus Will Create Another Artificial Government Orchestrated Bubble

Most of the country probably isn’t aware the Fed is holding firm pumping $85 billion a month into the money supply as we get pulled 10 different ways, distracted by this imperial regime to notice.

I’m a bit surprised with Stuart Varney, he has it wrong because the buying and selling of debt is like money going from your left pocket into your right pocket. Charles Payne spelled it out waaaaaay back in 2009!

The Federal Reserve is printing our economy into oblivion making the dollar worthless at this point. Sooner or later interest rates are going to have to be raised to reduce the money supply. When that happens you have inflation… hyper inflation. You’re already seeing it in the price of food, goods and price of oil! Remember when the economy went into the can 4-5 years ago a barrel was just under $150 where the price of a gallon of gas hovered around the national average of $4+ (some parts of the US were even higher @$5)!

How much is a gallon of gas today in relation to the price of oil? High $3’s low $4’s BUT a barrel of oil is just over $100! Price of oil affects everything from what we eat to our smartphones.

What Ben Bernanke and all the radical policies of this imperial regime are doing is creating an economic tsunami that will dwarf what took place in the Weimar Republic.