Rep Peter King: Small Group of GOP Senators ‘Holding the Entire Congress Hostage’

Let me translate what King opened with because I can speak bullshit! He voted in favor of defunding obamacare to cover his ass! If he is so against defunding obamacare he would have joined the dems and one republican that voted against the continuing resolution.

No one is holding Congress hostage. This “small group” aka rebels are standing by their duty as elected representatives to legislate and run the country by the will of the people Petey!

What is this guys major malfunction? Petey what have you done to stop the obamacare train wreck?…… Nothing!

All I see this RINO doing is bashing everyone else in his party making every excuse possible to in fact keep obamacare in place! So America I hope you are hearing this clown loud and clear, King like many in Congress WANTS obamacare implemented. King and the other DC destroyers want to destroy the best healthcare system in the world which will also take down the US economy.

Don’t take my word for it go look around do your homework about all the companies closing up, cutting back, reducing workers hours etc. The costs and regulations in obamacare are why companies like Home Depot, Walgreens, Target etc are all cutting back. Part-time jobs are now the new norm of full-time jobs no thanks to this crap law a Congress that was only in power for 2 years wanted that acted against the will of the people. Lets always keep that in mind of what happens when DEMONCRATS get complete power.

Obamacare was passed by a super majority of democrats who wanted it. The American people were vehemently against obamacare and then it was passed in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve!

And where was Petey during all of this? Silent like most of the republicants in Congress. I don’t recall him taking any actions on the House floor to protest or stop Pelosi. New Yorkers you better be organizing a recall or finding yourselves someone to challenge King in a primary!