Judge Pirro Obliterates Obama… AGAIN!

The Judge delivered her weekly blasting of the imperial emperor who celebrated the state of this dismal economy while 12 people were shot dead at the Navy ship yard, the middle east on fire no thanks to his majesty’s meddling, obamacare on the verge of implementation which will torch our economy already on life support and the list goes on and on. Every week we see this from the Judge and it leaves you wondering where is America’s redline with this president and Congress?

Congress is as much fault for everything going on as obama. We are supposed to have this system of checks and balances where each branch keeps the other in check. Clearly that isn’t happening with all three looking out for themselves. People have power over all of DC but choose not to do anything because they are waiting for someone else to come along and do it. Where are the recall elections, demonstrations, refusals to comply? I know I know you’re too busy!

The longer you wait to say “no”, the more you comply and go along with crimes this government commits the more power you give them. We the people are enablers of these monsters drunk with power, because we stay silent and don’t stand up to them.

Let me tell you all something, the White House and Congress see this and know you won’t fight back. They will continue along with everything they’re doing because they do not fear you, your phone calls, emails, snail mail and faxes!