Kucinich: Obama Risking World War III, Not To Mention Impeachment

Kucinich is maintaining his position that if the emperor goes against Congress and strikes Syria it will be grounds for impeachment. He asks a great series of questions as to why would we take the risk, putting America on the line with no upside? Only upside is for the elite establishment. If the power elite cared they would be saying the same thing that this president is violating the law taking us to war.

I do not hear a liberal speaking, I hear an American talking about using common sense and following the law unlike his former counterparts in DC. Kucinich also points out there are many to profit off of this attack. That is what this is all about money and power. There are a lot of people in this country, DC included, positioned to make a ton of money off of war. There are foreign interests who will profit as well, and you know he who control the flow of black gold is very powerful!

There is one simple word that is a solution to all of this: FRACKING!

States engaged in fracking are booming and its efficient and clean. We are sitting on more oil than the middle east. If we would have started tapping our own resources 5-10 years ago we would be right in that too long of window to wait time period the naysayers were saying back then. What’s that tell you?

It tells me most of the people involved in whats going on know this and choose to leave things status quo. They like the money, power and don’t care about the war that comes with playing this game!