Lindsey Graham Warns of Iran-Israel War and Iranian Nuclear Attacks if US Does Not Attack Syria

If this isn’t a desperate plea from a RINO warmonger I don’t know what is! Graham is pulling out all the stops in this speech trying to tie everything together. What he left out is his pal obama is the one who set the ball rolling encouraging the Arab Spring in the first place and destroying what foreign policy we had!

His majesty was silent during the Iranian Green revolution because that was the people rising up against the radicals that could have been a real attempt of bringing peace to the middle east! No instead his majesty only speaks out when the radicals are rising up against their oppressive rulers!

Doing nothing in Syria will be as bad as not doing anything, but we have a better chance of it being isolated if we stay out. Either way the powder is going to go off. Question do you want to be the catalyst responsible for it?

What this is all boiling down to is a fight that has been in the making for decades between Iran and the US. It doesn’t have to be that way but it is the direction the power elite want to go. They know global war will result in a shift of global power. If you are part of the “club” that enables that one world government to be born, then you’re okay with the bloodshed that gets you to your new level of power.

Am I reaching here into science fiction? Yep! Has anything that has been going on the last couple years seem sane to you? If someone told you 5 years ago what was happening today you would say that is insane! If you want to bring down the US and be part of the body that will be in power when the dust settles everything you see is a plan coming together. I think we the peo.. rebels have thrown a wrench into the works and is why everything feels like it’s accelerating and we are being pushed. War makes things happen faster.