Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister: Middle East Will Be on Fire

When asked about an attack by the US on Syria take note of what the Deputy Foreign Minister says, “we have an army, we have our people, we have our capabilities, we have our friends“. His friends, Iran and Russia, are the big problem with a US strike. Aside from a strike being legal or not what will happen after is the greatest concern among everyone in opposition.

For whatever reason people in DC do not understand the middle eastern culture that these people will not just roll over when the US comes in. Afghanistan should have been a lesson in that. Every single modern military has marched into Afghanistan from Alexander the Great to present day. They have all left after brutal warfare and look who is still in place hiding in caves! Middle eastern people don’t take well to invaders and for the record Syrians are no different from the Afghans. You start a fight with them they will fight back starting with Israel and then they along with their buddies will go after American interests.

What’s going on in Syria is not our problem and not worth starting a regional war let alone WW III over!