Ted Cruz Warns on Syria: US Military Shouldn’t ‘Serve as Al-Qaeda’s Air Force’

Sen Cruz spoke with Joe Pags who was sitting in for Glenn Beck about obama wanting to take action in Syria. As pointed out we don’t know who the good and bad guys are in this civil war and even if we did that doesn’t justify the US getting involved. This is not our fight and it bothers me that people in DC only care because chemical weapons were used. The deaths of 1400+ by chemical weapon has more wight that 100,000+ killed conventionally?! Who came up with that rule?

The bobble heads wanting to go to war, and that is what it is, have completely dismissed that Al Qaeda and other terror groups are embedded in the rebel fighters. It is TREASON to aid and abet our enemies! This is all about the emperor distracting the nation away from defunding obamacare, illegal alien amnesty and saving face protecting his public image. The emperor is the only one that has a “dog in the fight” as Cruz says where the nation doesn’t.