CBS: ObamaCare State Exchanges Cost Over $1 Billion, Still Have Glitches

You paid $600 million for a website that doesn’t work but you are also on the hook for states spending $50-300+ million on their obamacare exchange websites!! It does not cost that much money to put a website up, IF IT DID Amazon, Google, Ebay etc would have never existed!

This corrupt govt is completely out of control wasting tax dollars on a health program that is designed to fail. Where did states with no money like California, which is in debt by the billions, get $359 million to put up a website!? Obamacare is screwing Americans out of the plans and doctors they like, hitting them with higher premiums and deductibles and now Americans are on the hook for another $1.1 billion that’s is going to the same contractors the govt used to build the obamacare website!