Dr Ablow: Obama is Locked Into a Victim Mentality, ‘The Message From the President is Toxic’

The emperor is playing the victim card because he knows it works on the masses. He knows millions of Americans feel beat up, taken advantage of victims. So what better way to get his propaganda out than to be one of them! The victim mentality is why everything and everyone gets blamed for his failures from the TEA Party, GOP, conservatives, republicans, banks, CEO’s, more recent insurance companies and of course Bush.

As much as one dislikes him you have to give him credit for the master of deception and slick snake oil salesman he is. I have no doubt if he really wanted to he could sell people a box of rocks and they would gladly give him their money! All kidding aside IMO this is dangerous.

Emperor 0 is using lies and deceit to fundamentally transform the US into a third world nation. When the dust settles there will be two classes of people the rich and the super poor. He will of course be there still pointing the finger of blame for the economic destruction he AND CONGRESS are responsible for.