Constitutional Atty Explains By Law the US Govt WILL NOT Default

I explained in a post earlier this month, citing a CNS piece, that by law the US govt cannot default. I have been waiting for Constitutional attorney David Rivkin to get on air and explain what many of us already know under Section 4 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. All the talk of the govt defaulting by the imperial emperor, his propaganda network and progressives is nothing but lies and scare tactics.

Rivkin could not make our current debt situation as to how it pertains to law any more clear. You must dismiss everything you hear coming from progressives and the propaganda networks.

All these people in power especially a potus who is a Constitutional attorney are lying to you America. They want to politicize the debt ceiling battle, manipulate and divide us because they think we are stupid! What you need to understand about his majesty being a Constitutional attorney is that he took that role to find loopholes and ways to bypass the Constitution! I think his actions to date (aka history) proves this to be true. This is the same man who said “the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties..”.

What obama is doing is looking for another opportunity to do as he has done in the past, bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling (aka credit card limit) unilaterally. The man is insanely drunk with power and he will do it!