Time to Grow Up America, Our Vets and the Greatest Generation Have Done Enough

probably the best picture yet via JudgeLucas Really America are you going to sit and let the Greatest Generation once again handle the tyrants? Isn’t it about time we pick up where our vets left off? Do we really need to let our 80-90 year old parents, grandparents and great grandparents take up the fight against tyranny again? They have done their duty for God and country.

barry-cades down via melissaRNMBAWe have made a mess of this nation that many died and those who survived wars of the past put their lives on the line for. How does an entire generation become the complete opposite from those who saved the world, made the US a superpower militarily and economically? Where, when did this disconnect in morals and ethics stop from their generation to ours? These are people who survived through 2 depressions (yes there were 2!), fought the Nazis, stood up to the Russians who made America a great nation.

Mary Louise via kudzu81WWII veterans have arrived via Kudzu81

what this is about via ZephyrK9Our vets and those who served from the Greatest Generation should not have to once again take up the fight. It is time for fed up Americans to stop sitting around, whining online and around their close circle of friends, family and coworkers etc, waiting for someone to come along to do something and take a stand. DC as a whole is completely drunk with power because we have allowed it! Politicians do not fear the people and it is why we are in the mess we are in. Remember when you were a kid and would get into a fight with another kid where they would threaten to get their mommy or daddy? You do realize that’s where we are at today but our mommies and daddies are in their late 80-90’s!


Let’s put our big boy and big girl pants on and stop this trainwreck before there is nothing left for our children and grandchildren. Let’s start treating politicians the way we treat little children and tell them NO! Let’s come to the understanding that the nation is broke and we cannot afford to give free stuff out! Let’s stop negotiating with our kids and understanding their feelings and start punishing them when they are disrespectful, or don’t do as expected. Let’s start telling the person cutting in line to go to the back of the line. Let’s stop filming fights and start breaking them up! Let’s start telling the truth even if it hurts someones feelings. Let’s start speaking our minds in public without fear of offending some weak minded socially engineered wuss! Let’s start using the horns in our cars when someone cuts us off or runs a light instead of crap like this from Union 76…

…its okay to be a honkaholist! It’s okay to fly the American flag. It’s okay to tell someone in a theater to shut the hell up and turn their G-damn phone off! It’s okay to expect people to be socially responsible, to want our government to be fiscally responsible, obey the Constitution and want a free market system. It’s okay to be a red-blooded American proud of our history. We aren’t anarchists, arsonists, extortionists, extremists, faction, holding guns to anyones head, hostage takers, suicide bombers or terrorists. We shouldn’t have to call on or wait for our vets who have done enough to step up and take on another fight. We shouldn’t allow some DICTATOR occupying the white house constantly berate us and apologize to the world body for our desire to be the best!

It’s time to grow up America, I’ll let Ronald Reagan close this…

(Note: Because of the negative atmosphere towards conservatives, patriots and even veterans on various social media platforms/ websites I have saved the images vs utilizing embedding features.)