Dems Cry for Civility – Then Cry ‘Anarchy’

Behold the imperial emperor and his regime in a glorious demonstration of their civility!

Legislative arsonists, anarchists, extremists, TEA party anarchists, bombs strapped to their chest, hostage takers, government by blackmail, extremist faction… so peaceful aren’t they? Who wants to bet that Ms Jarrett is behind this entire campaign to demonize the right?

Now watch next week they will be crying about all the harsh, vile rhetoric being used against them! I will once again ask why those on the right continue to take this abuse by these radical socialists/communists? Have they beaten you all down so badly you stay silent for fear of being called names? All the ammunition you will ever need to take these people down is widely available yet only a few will put compilations like this together!

Time to stand up and start giving these people a dose of their own medicine!