Harry Reid: Everybody Else, Including Rich People, Are Willing to Pay More Taxes

So now everybody including rich people want to pay more taxes except for the evil rich republicans!? According to Dingy Reid they are the ones causing all the problems! Reid is rich, got that way AFTER he got into Congress but we’ll leave that discussion for another day. How much extra did Dingy pay outside of his tax obligations? Since we now have an imperial regime that is all for high taxes and wealth redistribution surely Dingy paid more than what was required in his tax bracket?!

Raising taxes is not the solution to solving the government spending problem. Congress continues to waste tax dollars without a budget no thanks to Reid. He always seem to leave that out when Medicare, Social Security come up in discussion on how to fund them. The sequestration is a result of obama’s policies to not work with Congress via Reid. They talk a good game, great at pointing fingers but fact of the matter is they are the ones be hid the problem. They don’t want a solution, they want to run this country into the ground so they can restart it under their sick twisted progressive utopian dream.