John Wayne on Liberals

So I reposted Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil” last night about his predictions becoming our reality. Well here is “The Duke” John Wayne giving his insight on liberals.

Conservative extremist is not a new term, as Wayne explains his surprise finding out he isn’t a liberal but a conservative extremist. History hasn’t changed much over the years just the intensity IMO. Everything John Wayne is talking about we are hearing today, but more so as liberalism aka progressivism is being rammed down our throats now. He even states “they never listen to your point of view and they make a decision as to what you think”! Sound familiar?! Clearly after the 60’s the radical movement gained enough steam to get us where we are today.

That said how many more warnings and words of wisdom do we need to hear from our past? We need to intensify a counter movement to progressives expose them for the true radical they are. More importantly expose the deadly history they have with regards to their early beginnings and “founding” along with those behind it like George Bernard Shaw and Margaret Sanger etc.

When Glenn Beck was on Fox he did one hell of a job exposing progressives. I’ll do my best to recover that material and share it with you in the future BUT it is on YOU to make sure the material reaches the masses. We have to get better organized and more vocal because progressives power grab is only getting stronger… or are you happy with obamacare?!