Judge Pirro Rails Against the Disrespectful Treatment of American Citizens by an Admin Out of Control

Judge Pirro tore into the regime for opening the National Mall to illegal aliens and their enablers, like Nancy Pelosi, while keeping it and the war memorials closed during the govt shutdown. Isn’t it amazing they always find money, resources and time for their Borg army but never have anything available anyone else?!

Occupy, illegals, radical organizations get preferential treatment while those who provide the very freedom we live under are used, demonized and denied benefits. The Judge nails it as to why there’s all this preferential treatment, it’s solely because the radical left is buying votes for the upcoming 2014 elections!

…it’s all about politics, the rest of us nothing more than pawns in a political chess game. So we close the Mall to Americans, keep the vets out and open it up to those demanding a piece of the pie at our table who were never invited to dinner in the first place! And so we dis the families of those who gave their lives and reward those who broke the law to come here.

Mine is not a commentary on illegal immigration, that’s a whole other issue. What I’m talking about tonight is the disrespectful treatment of American citizens by an administration out of control that rolls out the red carpet for those we never invited in.

The America that I’m watching is almost unrecognizable… thank you Pres Obama.

Progressives infesting DC have no shame and care nothing about any of us, and that includes you illegals! I would hope there are many people out there besides myself getting that message out that illegals are being used for political gain. We really need to clean house in 2014, dwarfing the 2010 elections. Politicians on both sides just over the last month have proven how brazen and above the law they think they are. Many republicans fooled us only to show their true progressive side.

It’s time for us to grow up and take on this fight against the destroyers of the Republic!