Mark Levin Delivers Fiery Defense of the TEA Party and Conservatives

The Great One railed against the democrats, republicans, national media, parasite class of consultants and lobbyists that the TEA party is not responsible for the debt, housing bubble, obamacare and all its side effects but they are responsible for the economic nightmare on our laps.

This fiery tirade wasn’t just in defense of the TEA party but of all conservative common sense Americans. There is no other way to describe this environment we are in other than saying we ARE engaged in a cold civil war with progressives. Take note when I say progressives I’m talking about the R’s and D’s in DC, along with the consultants and crap media. History is repeating itself we ARE the III%! I may not be a TEA party member but I will stand with them against the McCain’s to the Pelosi’s and everyone in between.

These self-proclaimed “adults” are burying us in debt, taking away our civil liberties and running this country into the ground. They don’t care about you or me, they empower obama to act outside the law and solely in their best interests. Progressives ought to take note as Levin warns this power being unleashed against conservatives and the TEA party could be turned against them someday!