O’Reilly: Obama Misleading The Country, The End Justifying The Means

Bill O’Reilly methodically took obama apart for his lies to the nation following his recent obamacare speech. The very title of the segment, The End Justifying The Means, was a reference to Saul Alinsky whom obama is a devout follower of! Although the words never come out of his mouth Bill O sent enough subliminal messages that his majesty is trying to make us a progressive aka communist nation. He pointed out obama will “sugar it up” in his speeches, which is code language for calling someone a liar, over the misleading statements his majesty continues to push.

The reason why obama is emboldened is because to this day NO ONE in the crap media will call him out for the fraud he has committed. Several members of the regimes propaganda network have gone rogue reporting all the problems with obamacare, but none of them will ask why he continues to lie or “sugar it up”! This IMO says the reporting on the failures of obamacare by the propaganda networks, is nothing but CYA, and they are complicit with the destruction of the US.

Obama is hell-bent in turning this nation into a progressive utopia, regardless of the fact socialism/ communism whatever you want to call it HAS NEVER WORKED. He is so full of himself because no one IMO has ever told him “no” or “you suck” that he thinks he can pull it off! What he will do is destroy the only free nation in the world. The US is the last beacon of freedom, we go the world goes into darkness!

There is really nothing we can do to stop this wrecking machine of obama’s until possibly Jan 2015 IF conservatives gain control of the Senate while holding the House. Fact of the matter is obama’s policies are executed by Congress who sits on the sidelines putting on a show for the sheeple.