Megyn Kelly: Rep Issa Releases Report Showing 6 People Signed Up For Obamacare on First Day

6… S I X people signed up the first day of obamascare being launched! Now you know why Sebelius and the other corrupt regime members were making every excuse under the sun why they had no stats during the Congressional hearings. They were waiting for more people to sign up so they could give a cumulative number over a longer period of time to make things appear to be not as bad!

So his majesty LIES about keeping your doctor and plan is you want it while his lackeys lie about how bad the system is for everyone to use to sign up. My point? This is just the beginning wait until people start getting denied care or are given misdiagnosis because of the lack f doctors participating since many are bailing opting for early retirement. I mean sure there are plenty of people coming out of tech schools to draw your blood and take you temperature but we will experience a shortage doctors soon.