Sean Hannity: “It May be Time for a New Conservative Party in America”

The republican party like the democrat party is infested with progressives making them both into one party with a few rebels amongst them. The republicans of today are really democrats and the democrats are closet socialists (at the least) if not full-blown communists.

Hannity is semi-correct that it’s time for a new conservative party, we already have that party it just needs massive house cleaning reclaimed by the people. What needs to be done is force the progressives aka McConnell, McCain, Graham, Boehner, Cantor, P King etc etc out of the republican party into the democrat/socialist party if not completely out of government all together! I prefer the latter of the two, these SOBs have been in power for far too long and have done massive damage to the country.

The only other option is for Cruz, Lee, Paul, Gohmert aka the rebels and I’m betting a good handful of true democrats, sick of the BS, to break off from their party and start a third party. This would be the only way a third party could possibly be viable as it would have to be created from within Congress. There is no way a third party could come to power if it is started on the outside. Look at how many parties are listed on a ballot the next time you go to vote. There are many, it’s futile for anyone to make a go from the outside. BUT if Cruz and company were to break off I truly believe they could pull it off!