Obama ’08: ‘I Don’t Force People to Buy Healthcare’

This jerk in his slick snake oil salesman style talks down Hillary’s healthcare plan attacking her for what HE DID! At least with that witch she was telling the truth unlike this clown who LIES through his teeth 24/7.

..I focus more on lowering costs and this is a modest difference but it’s one that she’s try to elevate arguing that because I don’t force people to buy health care that I’m not insuring everybody..

Really? Costs are up, people are seeing 300% increases in their premiums and the last time I checked we are now FORCED to buy healthcare!

This video should be looped and played on every single network complaining about obamacare right now that might have a shred of decency and a sliver of a spine! Watching this just infuriates me, I support Cruz, Lee and the other rebels even more today to stand their ground, not budge over the debt ceiling and govt shutdown. Let the whole damn thing come crashing down inflames at this point!