TSA Broadcasts Threat to Travelers With Arrest for Making Jokes About Security

“…You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest.”

So the TSA is officially now Orwell’s “thought police” from 1984!

Most people traveling would assume that if someone jokes about having a bomb or hijacking a plane would be cause to detain them at the least if not arrest them. Who determines what is or isn’t an inappropriate remark or joke? What if someone says something in another language? As this stands based on the announcement if one is in the airport and says the TSA is a bunch of incompetent rent-a-cops, or obama thugs that person theoretically can be arrested?!

Are airports now going to be no-free speech zones? With TSA now invading train stations, subways bus stops and other locations will they to be no free speech zones? This administration is just chipping away at one right after another without a care in the world. it makes you wonder what they know we don’t to be so brazen!

The abuse of power from this administration has got to be put to a stop. Where are our elected leaders, these champions of the Constitution to step in and say enough? They’re nowhere playing games with our economic future calling each other terrorists while crap like this instituted! I’m telling ya folks we are on our own!