Million Vet March Storms the Nation’s Capital

Million Vet March Oct 13Lt Gen Jerry Boykin appeared on Fox today to let folks know the truckers participating in the Ride for the Constitution shutdown will not be alone this weekend! Boykin couldn’t have said it any better that the administration has crossed the line by going after our warriors who provided the very blanket of freedom this admin is abusing!

If you are within driving range of Washington DC please join our veterans tomorrow Oct 13th 9:00am at the National World War II Memorial! But if you cannot make it to DC there are events scheduled across the nation!

We the people have grown tired of the do nothing, bullying and tyranny is swelling in the US. Recent poll shows 60% of Americans want to throw all the bums out! People need to get active and engaged coming to the realization that person they are sitting around waiting for to do something is staring right back at them. We have to take a stand against the destroyers of the Republic to show them we do not fear them, and we in fact surround them.

Keyboard Patriotism doesn’t cut it anymore it doesn’t work because the enemies of the Republic are well aware and prepared for the mass emails, phone calls, faxes and letters from Americans expressing anger and opposition to the progressive agenda being rammed down our throats.

It’s time for large demonstrations and acts of CIVIL disobedience! We are not slaves, cattle or sheep this is our country these people charged with running it are our employees NOT our masters. We are way past due in letting the monsters running this country into the ground know who is in charge. There are MILLIONS of “us” and only 535+ of them, its time to start using that power we possess!