Fmr Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Slams Obama: We’re in a Near Lawless Admin, Using Govt as a Weapon Against the American People

Bongino nailed it when he explains the emperor is treated like some masonic figure who surrounds himself with acolytes. No one in his circle is critical of him they are all yes people who put him ahead of the country. For the life of me I cannot understand why when this clown came on the scene so many bent over backwards for him, turning their back to their principles, putting him on a pedestal?! Obama never accomplished anything as a community organizer and was on cruise control as a US senator, but somehow gets propelled into the most powerful position in the world because he is a slick talker?!

Maryland voters better do the right thing next year and elect Dan Bongino congress after failing to do so the last time around. We need more patriots like him to step away from cush jobs and lifestyles wanting to serve in government for the sake of the Republic. Dan could have stayed in the Secret Service with a Cadillac health and retirement plan but he couldn’t live with himself seeing our country fall apart! If you can please support him in his run for Congress.