Mark Levin: GOP Has No Plan to Eliminate ObamaCare

The GOP IMO the Great One is talking about is the establishment GOP aka progressives. There are conservatives that have ideas, all of which have been squashed in the past by demoncrats and many set GOP’rs.

There is no surprise with what we see out of Mitch McConnell but Paul Ryan has turned out to be a complete disappointment. Ryan comes off as such a champion of fiscal responsibility but he was completely MIA over the govt shutdown even to the amount of economic damage being done by obamacare. Like Levin says they all sound alike and fact is we cannot trust anyone. We are on our own and I would hope this trip to the woodshed we all have been subjected to by both “parties” will burn in real good. I’m not holding my breath that America will remember when all these progressives run for re-election though. No you all will be good little robots putting the same guys and gals into power after you rants about voting out incumbents!