Megyn Kelly: Democrats Go Nuclear Stripping GOP Minority of Power

barackobamacare is coming apart at the seams leaving the regime in complete panic mode. They are now setting up the right, media and insurance companies to take the fall for their lies and deceit. Only this regime would have private off-the-record meetings with members of the imperial propaganda network. This regime is completely out of control and has established a massive power grab today that will extend way after obama is out of office!

Harry Reid is doing obamas dirty work ramming his radical agenda through and using the nuclear option to stop filibustering in order to load up the lower courts with leftist judges. When and if progressives lose power they will still maintain it when cases against everything they rammed through is brought to the courts with obama appointed judges! More on this later, but Jay Sekulow explains the bigger threat we are under from this unprecedented power grab.