Obamacare’s 2015 Enrollment Pushed To After The 2014 Elections

No surprise here now that the regime has used the nuclear option and will be stacking the courts with liberal judges. All of this is political to maintain power and control, even if by an act of God the GOP gains majorities in the House and Senate!

I hope you are all keeping a record of everything happening this is history in the making by the most corrupt administration in US history. Obamacare is a certified disaster, those connected with it are prepared to go down in flames to defend it. But that is ok after the crap they pulled yesterday under regime henchman Harry Reid using the nuclear option to eliminate most filibusters on nominees aka judicial nominees. The same judicial nominees who will be in the courts to deny cases brought on to put a stop to obamacare long after obama and Reid are out of office! Obamacare is the machine that will be responsible for the biggest move in wealth redistribution delivers progressives the power and control they have been seeking for well over 100 years!