Rob “Meathead” Reiner: ‘Obama Is Right Around Where Reagan Was’ Politically

The communists had their weekly GOP bashing and retelling of history on PIG Mahers show. Why are commies trying so desperately to compare obama with Ronald reagan? They are complete opposites, Reagan a conservative trying to cut waste be fiscally conservative and shrink govt; Obama hardcore progressive fiscally irresponsible seeking 1984 style big give! Pres Reagan always seemed to be one who would call it how he sees it I contend if he was still around with all his mental faculties intact he would in fact call obama a communist!

The segment wouldn’t be complete without the race card being pulled. While they talked of conservatives labeling obama a radical PIG Maher had to chime and say the only radical thing about his majesty is that he is black. Commies will always pull the race card when they cannot defend their position.