Sarah Palin Schools Matt Lauer on Obamacare and TEA Party

LOL this is quite entertaining to watch Palin burn this regime propagandist bobblehead. Lauer tried so hard to make Palin look bad and at every opportunity she put the punk in his place! I think I get it now, I think I understand why the left hates Sarah so much. They have nothing on her and because she outsmarts them they have to attack her on a personal level “she’s stupid”, “an air-head” etc. Palin is the professor and the left/ media are a bunch of babies in nursery school! It’s her fast thinking, standing tall and wit that enrages people that attack her. Radicals expect her to crawl up in a ball and shut up when all they do is empower her when they leave themselves open to be ing exposed like the fools the truly are!