CBS: White House ‘Desperate’ on Obamacare

Ted Cruz has got to be sitting back in his chair shaking his head at this point thinking “I warned them”! The regime is desperate but probably happy with how everything is playing out with obamatax. If they really wanted the website to work they would have built a new one by as many web site builders are doing it to prove a point it isn’t as complex as the regime makes it. The emperor isn’t going to do anything to remedy the high costs for individuals because he never apologized for lying to the country. He apologized for people not reading the 2000+ page law not knowing what he was talking about and the site not working to get them signed up. When they release the enrollment data I look forward to hearing how badly they cooked the numbers. There are more than enough reports out about how bad this law is and how no one is signing up. They need 7 million people to make it a go. May I suggest and outright act of civil disobedience to the nation as a whole and NOT SIGN UP!? What are they going to do arrest everyone?