Conservatives vs Progressives According to College Students

College students were asked what the difference is between conservatives and progressives. If you know and understand what true progressivism is you will sit there watching this shaking your head. Those who don’t know what progressivism is it’s not about being “forward thinking” and advancing past tradition. The policies and ideology are communist in nature with statists building big government and expanding the entitlement system as a means of control. Highlights in history of progressives would be the wonders committed by the National Socialists Party of the 1930’s! Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood is a the product of progressives to rid the world of the unwanted, and no it had nothing to do with that accidental pregnancy! It was the desire to get rid of blacks! Stalin, Mao were progressives killing millions of their own.

Most of the major atrocities of the 20th century were committed by progressives. They believe they are all-knowing and should have power over the world. Progressives are elitists/ fascists/ statists who pretend to be on one side of the political fence but their actions and policies are no different, it’s just in how it is delivered. Is there really much difference between obama and Bush? Whats the difference between John McCain and Chuck Schumer? How different on the issues are Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton?

Progs like to change their identities over time where once the embraced the title then because of the atrocities had to change call themselves liberals etc. Do your homework folks start with, fabian socialist, George Bernard Shaw and work your way up.